Gold Republic

Gold Republic is an online gold exchange based in Amsterdam. Spike helped Gold Republic scale up their transaction volume and account creations through paid social, paid search, and conversion rate optimization experiments. Results after 6 months:

✅ 201% growth in organic traffic
✅ 527% growth in activated accounts
✅ 478% growth in revenue



Startupbootcamp is one of the world’s leading accelerators. Spike helped the South African and Qatari departments with generating leads for startup applications and by deploying growth hacking workshops to their participants for knowledge sharing. After 6 months:

✅ 812% growth in qualified startup founder leads
✅ 52% more efficient time to acquisition
✅ 2 FTE of costs saved due to automation




Aimforthemoon is a corporate innovation studio. We’ve helped them with lead generation services on Linkedin to help them get in touch with C-level executives from large corporate companies. After 6 months:

✅ 312% growth in qualified sales meetings with C-level execs
✅ 215% growth in revenue
✅ 1 FTE saved due to automated processes

Client Case Study Screenshot Blockport

Fintech / Web3

BUX Crypto

BUX Crypto is an Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange. Before they got acquired we helped them with their initial crowdfunding token sale with which we helped them raise €15 million. Afterward, we helped them with ramping up account creations through paid social advertising, paid search, SEO, and Email marketing. After 6 months:

✅ EUR 12 mln raised in crowdfunding campaign
✅ Ranked #1 on Google on target web3 keywords
✅ 400K+ participants in viral marketing campaign