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Growth through experimentation

Growth marketing is all about experimentation and testing assumptions. Through our growth marketing services we will help you implement a rock solid process to spike your growth to new heights!

Our growth experiment sprint services

Experiment Design

We help you craft hypotheses with measurable KPIs for results we expect to generate with marketing experiments in an experiment card. 

Sprint Planning

Planning the experiments on a 2 to 4 week timeline. We’ll keep track of the experiments in a project board and will funnel the results to a dashboard so you can keep track of performance. 

Sprint Execution

Here we will start executing the marketing experiments we designed. This is where the magic happens. 


After the execution we’ll deliver you experiment result cards. Ideally, we’ve validated the hypotheses and we’re ready to start scaling up the marketing channels that produced desirable results. 

Take the plunge

We are ready to help your business grow to the next level. Request a proposal now to see what we can offer you. 

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“The way Spike improved our CPAs and massively improved our online revenue was nothing short of amazing. We’re very happy with the results and would highly recommend their growth marketing services.”

– Marleen Evertsz, Gold Republic

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