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Spike helps tech and recruitment companies grow their business with growth marketing. We specialize in combining outbound lead generation & performance campaigns with inbound content strategies. 

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About Us

With a fascination for what the future of tech might look like, we work with scaleable B2B tech-companies to communicate their products into bite-sized, tangible stories. We are convinced that Linkedin is still a heavily underutilized B2B sales channel and we are here to help you start generating leads on auto-pilot on this platform with a very competitive Cost-per-Lead.


What’s in it for you?

1. Find more leads in less time

With our software we can start generating results for your business instantly.

2. Book more sales and demo calls

Based on cold calling 2.0 principles we can qualify your leads much more efficiently and only have you call the ones that are most relevant.

3. Grow your revenue

Immediately start closing more deals and generate more revenue opportunities.

How We Work

Explaining the process

1. We analyze your business

We first need to get a better understanding of your business. Who is your ideal customer? Who’s the decision maker? What are you selling? What’s your value proposition? Getting clarity on these topics enables us to generate more leads and eventually more sales for you. 

2. We design your campaign

We help you grow your network through personalized connection requests. Based on your input we’ll create highly personalized messages to connect with your ideal customer profiles. We will send up to 50 connections requests on a daily basis. Initially, the goal is to get into a conversation, not try to sell right off the bat.

3. We execute our marketing services

Now it’s time to drive results. We’ll start running our outbound campaigns, content marketing services, or performance marketing campaigns for you to start driving results and generate you more business.

4. We optimize your conversions

It’s important to optimize campaigns as they are running to increase ROI. We’ll keep checking the pulse on all of your campaigns to actively search for opportunities to optimize your results.

Our Services

This is what we do best.

We offer services for all types of budgets to help your B2B SaaS company find leads more efficiently by using social selling techniques in combination with marketing automation software.

LinkedIn Social Selling

Developing value proposition

Strategic messaging

Running Linkedin campaigns

Grow your audience and connections

Dedicated success manager

Facebook Advertising

Landing page design

Chatbot funnel ads

Facebook advertising campaigns

Monthly reporting

Optimizing campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

Weekly strategy call

Dedicated success manager

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Advertising

User tracking and analytics setup

Growth Marketing Workshops

In these workshops we’ll explain you everything about B2B growth hacking.

Explaining the fundamentals of growth marketing and giving you the tools to get started.

Our Clients

You are in good company

“Spike Growth Agency is a great partner to assist with automating your sales processes.

The leads we generated were very targeted and of high quality.

On the back of this successful 3-month test, we are now expanding to reach out to corporate prospects and
the initial results are equally impressive.

I highly recommend Spike and their innovative approach.”

Philip Kiracofe
CEO at Startupbootcamp Afritech

Our Community

Growth Hacker Talk

We run our own worldwide knowledge-sharing community for growth-minded marketers, Growth Hacker Talk. We regularly host meetups and have an active Facebook group where we share our latest growth marketing insights.

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Let’s get growing!

Our team is eager to discover how we can help you grow and motivated to help you do B2B lead generation more efficiently. If you are working on a scaleable product or service, we can’t wait to help you grow. Get in touch with us here to find out how we are able to help you find more of your best customers.